Microsoft is flashing the Lumia brand down the toilet

Lumia 930 launch

The Lumia brand is synonymous with Nokia than it is to Microsoft, however much the latter bought the ailing Finnish phone maker and the Lumia brand came along the over $7 billion acquisition of Nokia’s devices and services business.

Lumia represented Nokia’s shift to curtail the duopoly of iOS and Android after the then Finnish phone maker failed to do so with the ill fated Symbian OS. The subsequent abandonment of their in-house Symbian saw them pick up arms once again with Microsoft’s Windows Phone, racing through iterations to what is now known as Windows 10 Mobile.

However the smartphone market seemed not have shifted with Lumia in this direction, and instead what resulted was Microsoft writing off this purchase, laying off thousands of former Nokia  workers and the  Windows Phone market share has shrunk so bad to nearly non-existent. Along these unforgiving moments, there happened  an executive shakeup at Redmond that saw Satya Nadella take over the realms at Microsoft, and his strategy doesn’t quite align with his predecessor and so — The cloud and services first approach that now defines Microsoft.

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This approach centers around services being offered over cloud and the unfortunate bit is they aren’t offered on exclusive Microsoft mobile hardware,read Lumia. Microsoft  mobile software products are now universal to the most used mobile ecosystems that is Android and iOS, while their Windows mobile counterparts are somewhat in limbo incarcerated by both Microsoft and its third-party developers, who have shun the platform.

And as such, Windows powered mobile hardware is hard to come by and is survived only by a few devices and relics we can relate to. Microsoft hasn’t publicly confessed about the demise and abandonment  of its Lumia powered handsets. However, their recent efforts seem to suggest so!

Reports are now cropping up agreeing with the above sentiment suggesting that Microsoft is halting sales of Lumia handsets, discounting the few available inventory  and the brand is said to be ceasing come December of this year.

It is alleged that this is to pave way for the long rumored Surface Phone, set to revitalize Microsoft’s fortunes in the mobile world, while shedding off its association with the underperforming Lumia brand. These speculations are cemented by a tipster who is in agreement and one of Microsoft’s engineering directors, Laura Butler, whose deleted tweets couldn’t go unnoticed; “Surface iPhone” that was sent on September 6 and “Surface Phone not NOT confirmed” sent the following day in reply to questions. This according to TNW

The Surface brand is somewhat a reference design undertaking by Redmond but has registered significant success over the years with compelling devices to its name like the Surface tablet line and Surface Book Laptop-Tablet hybrid. It might make sense for Microsoft to associate with the Surface brand at the expense of a stagnant Lumia brand, that reminds it of its past misfortunes. A surface event is rumored to be in the works come October this year and there is speculation that Microsoft is to unveil new hardware  and the Surface Phone might see its inauguration..