The MicroSD successor is here thanks to Samsung’s first external UFS cards

UFS MicroSD by samsung

UFS actually stands for Universal Flash Storage and Samsung has gone against all odds to introduce them in an external form factor much like the MicroSD cards we’re accustomed to. The new UFS cards come in storage configurations of 256GB, 128GB, 64GB and 32GB.

What defines them beyond the norm is  their actual reading and writing speeds.

These new cards have sequential read speeds of 580 megabytes per second – which is five times faster than normal MicroSD cards  while they record read speeds of 170 megabytes per second. This purportedly makes them faster than embedded eMMC memory and external SD cards currently available on market.

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While the UFS standard jargon sounds unfamiliar, it dates back to 2012, though used sparingly which has somewhat hindered its adoption, only registering a few cameos as embedded storage rather than as external storage. This attempt makes them the very first external UFS cards to hit the market and the only scores to UPS’s standard are Samsung’s flagships of 2015 and 2016 that is the Galaxy S6 and S7 lineups.

It should be noted that they’re currently supported by no smartphone or gadgets and details about their availability and pricing are not readily available.