Megaupload loses petabytes of data

kim megaupload

Petabytes of Megaupload data trapped on one hosting company’s server has been deleted without
warning, outspoken founder Kim Dotcom has revealed, meaning a huge number of predominantly European users have likely seen the end of their  content. Leaseweb, one of several server providers Megaupload paid to store files, wiped 690 servers Dotcom told TorrentFreak, giving no notice to Dotcom’s legal team or, indeed, the US court still tussling over what should be done with user data.

“This is a huge disaster” Dotcom said, describing Leaseweb’s decison as “such a betrayal.” That, so the arguments went, was because a huge amount of the data in question was allegedly stolen movies, software, and other copyright-infringing content. Megaupload had always denied that, however, pointing out that it complied with take-down requests from content owners, and suggesting that in fact the service was commonly used for users to store offsite backups of their systems


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