Fiona Kiberu Uber driver

At the just concluded Uber launch in Kampala, we had a sit down with one of Uber’s first female Ugandan drivers named Fiona Kiberu. She was welcome enough to give us a 101 regarding her life, Uber, Uber and Uber. She preferred to be interviewed in her local dialect that is “Luganda” and luckily enough we’ve done the translations just for you to depict her every response to every question we asked. Yikes! Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you Fiona Kiberu.

Techjaja: Who is Fiona Kiberu?

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My name is Fiona Kiberu, I live in Kawempe. I am a new Uber recruit and I have been in the taxi business for almost eight years.

Techjaja: How did you get to know  about Uber?

They, Uber,  approached us at Lugogo Shopping mall where we stage with news about launching in Uganda. We honored their invite to which they explained their mode of operation and benefits to us like good customer relations after which I joined.

Techjaja: Any benefits or expectations from Uber?

I anticipate an increment in my client numbers plus a possibility of making drop offs and pickups simultaneously. This hasn’t been the case after making dropoffs since its been a one way affair with no guarantee of destination pickups once you drop off a client.

Fiona Kiberu Uber driver

Fiona Kiberu having a chat with us

Techjaja: Are you an Uber driver full time or you’re doing it part time?

I am a fulltime time Uber driver. Period!

Techjaja: How long do you see yourself working with Uber?

I am to drive Uber for life. Definitely till I retire.