Matatu 3.0 app in the works: Get ready for a revolutionized gaming experience

Playing the initial version of the Matatu Game

We recently kicked off our tech start-ups show the port and so far we have had incredible feedback from our viewers and readers. During such interviews we get to have some insider scoop information on what our great tech minds are working on. And on our next episode of the port  we speak to our friends at kola studios who gave us a sneak peak on the upcoming iteration of the most popular mobile gaming app Matatu. From our interview with Terry the Production team lead at kola studios, we were assured that the team is working on a better and interactive social gaming, a killer UI and a more competitive gaming experience.

Kola Studios has been on a winning streak since the year began– winning numerous awards like the recent SMAs and Pivot East showing that they are indeed on the right path. So watch out for episode 2 of the port where we get to know more about one of Uganda’s most successful start-up company.

There is no word on release date of Matatu 3.0 yet apart from the fact that it will be ready by early next year, but we at techjaja will keep you up dated on that. And for those who want special feature requests, you can visit kola studios website and drop them an email.