Makerere University website hacked and now redirects to X-rated Adult site.

hacker_internet_web_attack_580-100033460-largeToday’s internet is a hacker’s play field, big social apps like WhatsApp and Twitter are no exception not forgetting the recent Feedly website hijacking by hackers. According to PC tech mag, as¬† of today, 6/13/2014 Uganda’s largest institution of learning Makerere is a victim of one of these crimes, and the attackers when in for the Makerere College of Information Science mobile site ( .

To make matters worse the attached website  redirects to an x-rated adult site. And hers comes the disclaimer. DONT CLICK OR GET TO THE SITE IF YOU ARE NOT 18 AND ABOVE. This hack is only visible for people using mobile devices as the PC and MAC version seems to be fine. This site should be blocked or taken down as soon as possible to avoid further embarrassment to the institution.