How to make a Hoverboard in Africa

hoverboard in Africa

Let’s get one thing clear, Hoverboards don’t hover above the ground or water as was initially envisioned in the he 1989 Back to the Future II, movie. With a Hoverboard, you are basically dragging yourself on a motorized wheeled apparatus with a no effort involved and also with a high probability of falling in our potholes or running over people, you basically look like a schmendrick on wheels. This future of walking technology relies on two small wheels hinged on a “standing board” guided by a running motor, logic circuit board to control the hoverboard and charged batteries.

So what happens if one is on a tight budget,  with some engineering knowledge to make their own hoverboard? In Africa, a man in the shown pictures had his mind hell-bent on re-engineering a hoverboard and make his own with a low BOM. The images were posted on the XliveAfrica Facebook page and the comments that company the post range from hilarious to down right nasty. Well, this article is not meant to teach you how you will make your own hoverboard, but to show you that is now possible to make hoverboard at home with the materials below;

  1. Hoverboard shaped wooden board, with non-conductible Base.
  2. Two wheels
  3. Wire Strippers
  4. Duct Tape
  5. Batteries. If you can get rechargeable batteries the better DO NOT: get power saver batteries or anything that the package says “longer lasting” this means it uses less energy than regular batteries, and you’re going to need a LOT of energy.
  6. Screws
  7. Electric Drill or screwdriver
  8. Battery Holders, these should be the same amount as the amount of batteries your getting.
  9. Measuring Tape (For measuring. I don’t think a really need to point that out do I?)
  10. Hot Glue Gun (w/ hot glue sticks obviously)(yes, you need this AND the duct tape)
  11. Strobing LED lights
  12. Your Head


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hoverboard in Africa2


hoverboard in AfricaWhether you call this guy’s hoverboard  genius or an out right copy cat, the guy tried to showcase his engineering prowess as he had initially intended. Is this African made hoover board still functional? Your guess is as good as ours.