Lumia 535 Dual SIM Review: Affordable for a Black Friday pick

Lumia 535_ Hero 1

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[/blockquote]The Lumia 535 was Microsoft’s none Nokia branded device, it is important to note that since many people including myself have not used Lumia phones plus the Lumia brand still resonates more with Nokia than with Microsoft. Unlike my other reviews I will make this review a bit different. Like all Lumias, the Lumia 535 contrasts a black front face against a brightly colored shell at the back. For the first time any Lumia there is no Nokia branding anywhere and I have to say I don’t like that. Nokia’s branding was synonymous with great hardware and great build quality; Microsoft, not so much. Not to mention it’s labeling and text type faces is all very plain looking. But, that’s not really that important, not in the grand scheme of things. It should be noted that we are reviewing this phone months a way since it was launched and also we have Windows 10 mobile devices like the Lumia 950 on sale already making this device a little ancient, but is it worth to buy? Let’s find out in this Lumia 535 review.




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Lumia 535_ Hands on

The Lumia 535 is 72.4 mm wide, 8.8 mm thick and is similar in size to the Moto X. The rear shell has curved corners everywhere which would make for a great ergonomic feel if it wasn’t for the super glossy finish. And, if you plan to get the white shell, get ready for dirty spots on that back. The phone is a huge fingerprint magnet on front and back. Despite the fact that the front glass is missing the cool angles and curves of its higher-end siblings the device still looks and feels incredibly well made for a phone this cheap. Once more the interchangeable rear cover means you can change the look whenever you like and I highly recommend you buy some.

And then we get to the display, it is a 5 inch LCD 540x960 panel that translates to 220 pixels per inch (ppi), so it is not the sharpest display on the market and you would expect it on a budget smartphone like this. Individual pixels and noticeable, but thats not the only downside to the screen. Colors and brightness are lackluster too. Everything just seems muted. Live tile colors that are normally so vivid on Lumia displays are washed out. Once more it is not that bright which can make it difficult to see when looking at it from an angle. It is also reflective too, making particularly bad in daylight. But, you can still enjoy content on the screen, and it is still certainly big enough to enjoy you videos and play your favorite games.



Lumia 535_Battery

Performance and battery life


This is where you will decide whether you want this phone or not because the Snapdragon 200 at 1.2 GHz quad-core processor in this phone is underwhelming. There is no way to say this politely. General speed and performance is for lack of a better word, terrible. Unless you are happy with just basic functions you will not like this phone especially if you are a high-end user. I lost count on the number of times I had an app crash on loading particularly if you have just downloaded a new app or game. Switching between screens and app can be sluggish. And, because this dual SIM phone has no LTE, mobile data performance doesn’t go faster than 3G speeds. But the over-riding element that affects everything is the touchscreen responsiveness, or lack of it because it doesn’t respond properly or find yourself opening web pages when trying to scroll or opening an app when trying to scroll sideways or up and down through a list. Sometimes when taking photos you might find yourself pressing three or more time to have it register that you have actually pressed the screen.

But on the plus side, the battery life is pretty good. Despite having only 1950 mAh the low res-display and under processor, you should easily get an entire day from a single charge. This Windows Phone comes with all the usual apps like Cortana, action center and of course the fantastic Windows keyboard. But, overall I can’t help, but feel that the performance isn’t anywhere near where it could be.


Windows 8.1

We have less to say about Windows 8.1 as we already have that covered. You can grace your eyes with some of the screenshot below.


And when we get on to the camera it’s a similar story here. Unlike most Lumias, the camera is not that much of a standout feature. Focus and shutter times are fairly slow, but the results are passable. They are not super sharp and don’t offer an amazing balance, tone or contrast in any lighting situation, but they still not the worst I have ever seen. It will do the job if you are not particularly picky over image quality and you just want something that can take a picture when you need it to. And, the same can be said on the 5 megapixel front facing camera.

Lumia 535_ Camera