Losing ground to Vodafone, other data providers will have to get aggressive with Unlimited data plans

Vodafone Uganda cap internet

At this point it seems inevitable that Vodafone Uganda has come into the Ugandan data market with tantalizing data plans packages, and this will spark other operators to up their game. Africell and telecom giant MTN are currently the biggest mobile data providers in the country, but at this rate it is predicted that Vodafone will surpass the big players if they carry on with such aggressive data plans.¬† The company is doing its best to provide cheaper data plans and a tempting promise of Unlimited data with capped speeds of up to 6Mbps at UGX 199,900 although fair usage policy applies. This means if you exceed a certain limit of data, your speeds you will be throttled to 256kbps. The table below will throw more light on Vodafone’s unlimited data pricing.Vodafone Uganda cap

For most users that’s good enough, since they will still enjoy the unlimited packages. So it is fair to say that, Vodafone Uganda by far has the best value for money when it comes to unlimited plans. For UGX 299,000, Africell will also give you an unlimited data package on their 3G and 4G network but that will be capped at 512 kbps and you will not be throttled since there is no Fair Usage Policy cap. UTL and Smart Telecom will also offer great¬† unlimited data plans although this will not sway most data users looking for unlimited packages, but they are all worth a try. We are yet to see whether MTN and Airtel will join the unlimited data bandwagon.

Its unlimited or nothing

Still, other mobile data providers will be a real bind. Vodafone will soon be the obvious choice if you’re trying to save on your monthly bill, especially if you want to always be online. It’s Unlimited data perks have become a real draw. If service reliability and LTE coverage is your main concern, MTN, Airtel and Africell are still tops in their own category. But if you stay in Kampala where Vodafone covers, these unlimited bundles a worth a try. Vodafone is rapidly working to improve its network coverage, but it can’t yet match those the existing top dogs.