LG Unveils the world’s first 4G-LTE smartwatch

LG Watch Urbane LTE_1

At MWC this year, LG has unveiled two new smartwatches, one we’ve seen before called the LG Watch Urbane running Android wear and also another wearable called the Watch Urbane LTE running WebOS. LG calls this the world’s first 4G-LTE Smartwatch and the company has developed its own watch OS rather than relying on the somewhat minimalist Android Wear .

LG Watch Urbane LTE

The Watch Urbane LTE’s main feature by far is its cellular connectivity, which lets you answer calls, check emails, and you clearly wont need your smartphone. The watch comes with other features for hiking, cycling, playing golf, and working out, with the various sensors helping to track your performance. It also includes NFC connectivity for morden mobile payments and a built-in voice translator app.

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The LTE watch is so far only confirmed for South Korea, where it will launch within a couple of months for an undisclosed price.

Image Credit: The Verge