LG promises to make your LCD and LED TVs Obselete: Set to take OLED and 4K TVs mainstream in 2014

I know most of TV users in Africa are still stuck with CRT TVs, a few have already upgraded to flat-screen TV with either the LCD or LED variants. LG is promising to bring to the masses its range of OLED and 4K UHDTV sets across the globe next year. This is LG’s grandest plan to dethrone Samsung as king of televisions.

Despite launching its OLED and 4K Ultra-high definition televisions in a few key markets already, LG haven’t sold in big numbers. This is because it’s expensive in comparison to regular televisions, but it’s also because the sets aren’t available in many markets. By 2014 LG promises that it will soon change as the company is pushing 4K and OLED towards the mainstream. To achieve that, it’s Accelerating its launch plans in many markets, and claims premium and economy versions of its next-generation hardware will be available in 50countries by the end of next year.

At IFA last week, LG announced a brand-new TV that will not help with worldwide market share, but is nonetheless impressive. The uninspiringly named 77-inch Ultra HD OLED TV is important for a number of reasons. It’s currently the world’s largestOLED display, and it’s also the first 4K OLED from LG.

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LG’s also aims to hit Samsung hard on the software side. After the acquisition of webOS earlier this year, we suspect the company could be developing the failed mobile operating system for use in its TVs.