LG has a dual-screen and dual-selfie camera phone called the LG V10

LG V10_1

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Yesterday, LG took the wraps off its latest unique twist to its line of smartphones. The new LG V10 smartphone is the first phone in a new series of “V” phones, and we have seen revamped design that diverts away from the LG G4. No more curved displays, its now a bonafide 5.7-inch phablet.

What differentiates the LG V10 from its siblings is its dual-screen and dual-selfie camera phone combo. And no, the cameras are not for 3D shooting as it has been the norm for other dual camera setups. Instead, each of the two 5-megapixel selfie cameras has a completely different field of view — one is set at a wide 120 degrees, while the other is a relatively narrow 80 degrees. Clearly LG wants to spare you from buying a selfie stick.  You can toggle between the two in the camera app, or switch on a setting that takes simultaneous images with both.

The feature is what LG calls a “second screen.” It placed just to the right of those cameras and it’s a 1040 x 160 display that is joined to the main display. Look as it like Samsung’s “Edge screen.” which is always on (if you so wish), and LG claims it will drain less than 5 percent of your battery when used for a full day. It is used for quick access to contacts, app switching, to toggle the Wi-Fi on and off, turn the flashlight on, control your music, and more. The small screen can also be used to control certain apps like to change modes or zoom in the camera app.

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The LG V10 has a 16-megapixel main camera that can shoot regular, 1080p HD video up to UHD 4K video, and users will even have the choice of filming in a 16:9 or 21:9 aspect ratio. Just like the G4, the LG V10 uses laser auto focus and also has electronic image stabilization built into the software to go with the same optical image stabilization. We expect the V10 to offer a great shooting experience

LG V10_2

The V10 has 4 GB of RAM putting in the ranks of the Note 5 and the Galaxy s6 Edge Plus , and there’s also a 32-bit digital analog converter (DAC) inside, but the phone still borrows a lot from LG’s G series. It comes with the same Snapdragon 808 chip, QHD display resolution and 3,000mAh battery as the flagship G4. LG continues its tradition of a button-less side putting very thing is on the back, from the volume buttons to the power button and fingerprint sensor. USB Type-C fans will have to wait a little longer as the V10 has the same old micro USB port.

The company didn’t give specific details on pricing, though, other than saying it will cost about the same as an iPhone 6S Plus. That’s a fair comparison, too — the V10 is basically the same weight and fits in your hand the same as Apple’s biggest offering.


Image Credit: The Verge