LG G4’s camera set to rival the Galaxy s6

LG is clearly prepping for its next flagship smartphone and the company is not shy to leak some details before the official announcements. The LG G4’s camera will rival Samsung’s Galaxy s6 with a similar 16 Megapixel resolution but  LG has gone one up by using a better f/1.8 lens, that will reportedly add in 80% more light than the G3.  Today, LG Innotek, the component-making arm of the LG conglomerate, is announcing that it’s started mass production of the G4’s camera module.

The new camera senor will not only receive 80 percent more light, but also have 23% more pixels than the one on the incumbent G3 flagship, which is probably what’s allowed the company to grow more aggressive with a higher resolution number. Unlike the Galaxy s6 with a 5 mega pixel camera, the G3 will have a higher 8 megapixels, underscoring the importance that phone manufacturers now attach to selfies. The LG G4’s big launch is scheduled for April 28th, and we shall see how it stacks up with the Galaxy s6 in real life.

Image Credit: LG Innotek