Letter sent to UCC, unearths shocking revelations about a looming threat on jobs in Uganda’s Telecom Industry

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We are no strangers to unearthing the untold stories in Uganda’s telecom industry. Some anonymous concerned Ugandan citizens recently drafted a letter to the telecom regulator the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) that exposed a looming threat to Ugandan jobs by Indians, and also a threat to your personal data and more in the telecom sector.
He however singled out one telecom in particular citing examples of the rot that they claim have witnessed in the industry and calling upon the UCC ED Mr Godfrey Mutabazi to quickly Fix intervene. The letter was also copied to URA commissioner, Speaker of Parliament, Prime Minister’s Office, Presidential Aspirants Dr Kiiza Besigye and Rt Hon Amama Mbazabazi to mention but a few. Without us spoiling much on the shocking revelations, take a coffee break and read through. So far there is no UCC response to this letter.

With All reservations , I do take this opportunity to let all of you know how telecoms , mainly Airtel is crashing our economy , employment,education, security and overall integrity.
Look at the summaries below on each bullet and let every Ugandan intervene as it is now beyond .UCC, URA,Security, statehouse and parliament take note and never regret as we have brought every thing to light .
The call records information, location if customer and personal details information is now being kept on servers in India, in this era of terrorism this is not right, terrorist can get the daily movements of president, speaker, judge, DPP or anyone in the country and use to to harm this nation. Countries which have the right laws have effective management of multination companies like Rwanda, Gabon, Zambia, Kenya, Congo B , DRC ,Nigeria  etc.  did not allow this instead some of Uganda servers , storage etc. were moved to Kenya and India.
Profit repatriation
Milking  the economy(Africa),these companies create other companies (Subcontractors) and outsource services to them e.g  call centres to ison/techmahindra, IBM India, NSN for engineering , Huawei for engineering and so many more where they pay say $2,000 dollars for a call center resource on paper /financials  but actually the amount paid to the Ugandan call ceter agent is 150$ and the 1850 is sent to India, In the books of accounts they will show that they have paid hence declaring losses . In other words all these become their profits through another company as  in reality they a this to manipulate the regulation and under declare revenue/profit. Check out the same in India Airtel has been in court with government & regulators for under declaring and if they are cheating India then Uganda will be a walk over, so UCC ED Mr Mutabazi , this is your call to fix.
Airtel on acquiring found Zain with 400 employees in Sales,Marketing,Admin,Finance plus 250 callcenter agents,and acquired Warid with 300 employees and 200 call center agents, They were both making 800 M per day combined, currently the business has grown and they are making 2.5 bn per day which means they should be more profitable. However for the same increase in customer base, they reduced the entire work force to 250 employees and 200 agents  meaning about 700 Ugandans have lost their jobs, for the same lost jobs they have created similar jobs in India for 1900 employees, so is Africa for Africans really or we need to pray for IDDI Amin days to come back , let our great president rest in peace
MTN with similar customer base and revenue employess 800 employees and 500 call center agents.
As we talk Airtel IT very few resources compared to the total 120 employees that both Airtel and Warid had and they are reducing further while 300 employees in India will be doing what the team was doing in Uganda. In conclusion instead of increasing employment telecoms specifically Airtel is just milking this economy as IBM calls one-2-one every quarter with different employees, moreover on phone and fires for so able many graduates , Similarly MTN employs 160 resources in Uganda and by next year Aiirtel will be employing zero Ugandans in technical departments and revenue assurance.
Innovation & Technology building–
No innovation in future, while systems were accessible and local teams were building ,Marketing ,Engineering, A and IT were building solutions, Applications locally in country at no cost, the Airtel Management has ordered them to shut down the applications and local resources share the source code for similar applications to be built in India which they use to pay their outsourced companies and under declare profit as explained above. Two years down the road there will be none in Uganda with access to systems or any critical roles and without exposure to systems and processes to innovate, Africa can no compete in this global economy.the remaining few underpaid employees are there to teach and handover to their counterparts in India and then they will get laid off . Why are we still running universities please!!!
After they have milked and got their money out of Uganda, they are going to sell the operation to Another company at a profit but in newspapers they will claim to be selling becuase they are making losses.
Countries like Rwanda,DRC,Malawi,Zambia,Nigeria  where it is rather difficult to milk the economy in a few years will not be sold till they get all their money out of the economy and the new buyer will have no option that to work with India employees since all Ugandans African will have been laid off and the remaining ones will leave because of zero motivation.Yours`Concerned UgandansCC Dennis Kakonge the legal advisor ( only after his stomach not the future)
Cc Tom Airtel MD : Has no problem as he feels for Africans
Cc: Amama Mbabazi : we are ready to goforward
Cc :Kiiza Besigye we are with you
Cc Akol Commissioner URA and other URA members , we are ready to help and you catch telecoms
Cc : Federation of uganda employers
Cc:  Ndugu  Ruhana Rugunda PM for uganda
Cc: Rebecca kadaga , speaker of parliament
Cc : State house