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SIM card registration using National ID

If your SIM card is registered using a work ID, LC letters or any other document the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has given a deadline of seven days from 12th April 2017 to update your information. The only acceptable document to register will be a national ID, or else your SIM card will be deactivated. That if the new directive takes effect after a meeting between UCC, telecom companies, Uganda Police , National ID and Registration Authority (NIRA) as well as other stakeholders.

The UCC MD Mr Godfrey Mutabazi, said at the meeting that, “The Identification documents of existing subscribers should be validated within the next seven days. If you are registered or within the database of any service provider. You must verify your registration with the appropriate documents that is, the National Identify Card within the next seven days” He added that “If you fail to do so, then all your SIM cards should be deactivated”

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), General Kale Kayihura said that the SIM card re-registration will help in investigations that are enlightening that most of the crimes committed are coordinated using phones with the latest being the Murder of the Assistant IGP Felix Kaweesi, his bodyguard and driver. “You find somebody has got 20 SIM cards and phones and registered in different names ” the IGP said.

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Telecom companies will be required to submit to UCC information about their service centers country wide. “The list of authorized places, gazetted areas of SIM card sales must be submitted to UCC by Telco companies by end of tomorrow 12th April 2017” Mutabzi said.

The communications authority previously banned the vending/sale of SIM cards and ordered that those partially registered be deactivated by the 29th of March. As they met, both the Uganda police and UCC bosses re-echoed their warning against sell of pre-registered SIM cards. UCC MD urged the public to report vendors selling SIM cards to police so that they can be arrested as it will be treated as a stolen property. “I am just warning you that we are coming for you, so save your self the inconvenience of having to assist the police with investigations” the IGP added .

How to update your SIM data

In updating your information or additional data, telecom companies will be required to send a message to their subscribers, who will accept and type in their National ID numbers and then that information will be synchronized to see whether it matches  before they validate your registration.

However, subscribers are expressing fear that the telecom companies are receiving too much information about them, and it could end up in wrong hands. UCC has whoever cautioned the telecos not to unlawfully give out subscriber data.