Lenovo’s smartphone Strategy: Make iPhone 5Cs for developing nations

We had a whole article before Apple released its latest iPhones that anticipated the iPhone 5c being the holy grail solution to Apple’s penetration into the emerging markets . Apple completely side stepped the rumors by releasing another high-end smartphone in September  that’s slightly less expensive than the iPhone 5s in a cheaper plastic casing. It is no surprise that Chinese manufacturer Lenovo is still on track to release a smartphone in merging markets. The company is largely known to actually thrive during the great PC sales collapse of 2013, now sees an opportunity to deliver to consumers in emerging markets and is planning to target consumers whom Apple has failed to reach with the iPhone 5c.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing said that the company’s goal is to serve
markets where “the iPhone is probably not the best-selling product” because it’s seen as too expensive. We already have the likes of ZTE, Huawei, BlackBerry and Samsung eying the same territory beyond the Chinese market and into territories where the competition isn’t as fierce, such as Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. Yuanqing Explains

We have seen the first wave of success in Asian countries. We provide affordable products for emerging
markets. That’s very important.

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