Is your Yahoo Mail down? Well the CEO has Apologized hope that helps

For the past week most people have been complaining about accessing their mails on Yahoo’s platform. Two days ago, the company CEO Marissa Mayer tweeted that its ongoing problems with Yahoo Mail had eventually been fixed. Seems she spoke very early: email problems went forward, drawing mounting unfavorable judgment for the company’s unfitness to restore the service. We recently heard rumors that internally the company is still struggling to persuade its own employees to use Yahoo Mail instead of Outlook for corporate email, good luck with that. Today, the company CEO Mayer took to Tumblr to try to explain what had happened. “This has been a very frustrating week for our users and we are very sorry,” she wrote.

The CEO goes on to further say that the, the outage was “much more complex than it seemed at first.” The problem began Monday night, when Yahoo Mail suffered a hardware outage in one of its storage systems. But different users described different problems, making the outage more difficult to settle. Some people including some here at techjaja were locked out of their accounts; others failed to receive messages like in the image above. (Mayer says they were held in a queue.) The outage affected about 1 percent of Yahoo Mail users, she said.

Yahoo has restored its Mail access, Mayer said “to almost everyone” and delivered their messages to them. Affected users will be notified by Yahoo directly on the status of their account, she said. “Above all else, we’re going to be working hard on improvements to prevent issues like this in the future”, you can hit the source link for more information.