Legal weed Ads will not be promoted by Google and Facebook and here is the reason why

The battle to fight human intoxication lives strong online, as chewing or inhaling “plants” like Marijuana or Mirungi is illegal in Uganda and many other African countries. You will find countries in Africa like SA and Ethiopia that might endure it (see image below). However, currently weed is legal for recreational use in the USA  in states like Washington and Colorado. The bummer, however, is that weed businesses won’t be able to advertise their stock on social media at least for now. Top online ad-companies like Google and Facebook currently have policies against illegal drugs and they are not about to in any policies promoting the use of weed use, even if its legal in your country.


According to GigaOm, the National Cannabis Industry Association, a trade group that lobbies for weed-related businesses in the USA, arrogates that it tried to pay Facebook to promote stories covering marijuana but the site refused as it’s policy doesn’t allow it. Even if Facebook is willing to place ads that promote marijuana legitimation, the risk in running ads that promote the sale and use of the drug itself is too high at least for now. The social giant however, says that they are constantly reviewing decisions policy decisions, but this issue won’t be tackled on soon.

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Google also carries a similar message as their own AdWords policy prohibits the promotion of drugs and drug “apparatus”. They are also reviewing their policies, though they haven’t recently changed.

Both companies have the ability to geo-target ads for specific demographics, and can as well target “weed” ads to countries where its legal, however weed is still illegal on the federal level, they will not reconsider their polices on it now.