Latest Galaxy s5 leak shows colorful version of Google Now UI

Two weeks back we received the first so called User Interface (UI) leaks of Samsung’s next-generation phone look, and once again  Evleaks has released images with more details about this next “big thing”. From screenshots posted on twitter we can see a detailed view of a lock screen and home screen widget that we saw in what was posted originally. It now all looks like a mish mash of a colorful Google Now UI that could be used to deliver notifications and contextual information to your phone. Accessing Google Now on Samsung’s current phones is a hustle and we think this is the company’s implementation of Kitkat Android 4.4 for their next line of Galaxy devices like the anticipated Galaxy s5.

In the picture we see on twitter, the screenshots are composed of  social media shares, live flight information, sports scores, weather updates, receipts for payment, concert dates, upcoming appointments, delivery notifications, and health information just like you have on Google Now. We are not sure if these are the final images of the UI, so we wait to see what happens before before May as we shall get more leaks flow in.