Lamudi Uganda wants to be your Real Estate Online hub

In a sea of real estate dealers in Uganda, Lamudi’s online portal is seeking to be that hub where you can buy, sell, and rent a house in Kampala. Lamudi Uganda, which describes itself as Uganda’s largest online property portal, says the portal would save Ugandans the┬ádeadening process of searching for a house to buy or rent by connecting them directly to the sellers.

Landlords and other property owners looking to sell would have to pay money as little as $10 (about UGX 25,000) depending on the period of time they would wish their property listed

Shakib Nsubuga, Lamudi Uganda country manager, told The Observer that

“We provide a platform for all sellers to market their property as we generate leads and a reliable up-to-date classified database for all potential customers to know what is available on the market,”

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He further goes no to explain that using different platforms, including online listings, can open up the sector to foreigners as well as local people with limited time to move around looking for property.

The one year old website, covered listings from Algeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Madagascar, Mexico, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, and Tanzania, among other African countries.


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