Lamudi Expands to Satellite Cities in Kampala

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Kampala is growing at a rapid rate, and satellite cities are popping up in response to that growth

Lamudi Uganda app reviewSatellite towns have been defined as: “dependent on the parent-city to a certain extent for population and major service”. In Kampala, however, independence is the main concern for satellite cities such as the upcoming Star city in Matugga as these locations strive for self-sustainability.

Uganda’s leading property portal Lamudi, which includes listings for several properties in these areas, put together some information on the most prominent satellite towns and what to expect.

Locations like Naalya, Najerra and Lubowa are some of the most prominent satellites around Kampala, with Lubowa being home to the higher income developments and neighbourhoods andNaalya and Najerra covering the middle to lower income developments.

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Lubowa is one of the fastest growing suburbs of Kampala, full of rolling hills and with ample space for gardens, cafes and medical services. Transport to the centre of town is a fairly straightforward journey at around 20 minutes without traffic; escaping rush hour is the biggest liability for time. This easily avoided if you make use of the several boca stages and taxi stops along the route to town and from the surrounding shopping centres.

Shakib Nsubuga, Country Manager of Lamudi Uganda, commented:

[signoff predefined=”Movie Review Signoff” icon=”icon-username”] “Satellites have been of interest to Lamudi of late particularly because of our recent affiliation with the Matugga Star city development. This is one of the satellite cities featured on our site, and Lamudi is pleased to be helping facilitate the movement from Kampala town to its outskirts. Our affiliation with upcoming real estate developments is just one of the ways Lamudi is trying to engage with the new trends in real estate and the commercial communities.[/signoff]

Naalya and Najerra on the other hand are located on the northeastern side of town and are connected by the Northern Bypass. They boast far more amenities and are on track to match Lubowa’s successes. The population is evenly spread but that’s a distraction from the fact that it has an already large and growing community that can exist almost completely separately from the movement of the city.

Developments like the Naalya housing estate and the several upcoming apartment complexes and middle income bungalows are served by the metroplex shopping mall which boasts branches of Shoprite, Woolworths and Nawab Indian Restaurant . Naalya’s progression is an extension of the celebrated dynamism and self-sufficiency of Lubowa.