Kwese TV will officially launch in Uganda in May 2017

Kwese TV might be familiar to a few Ugandans owing to its free-to-air channel Kwese Free Sports (KFS), an affiliate of the larger Kwese TV that apparently took over the former WBS TV. It earlier this year launched in Zambia, Rwanda and Ghana but it is now destined for Uganda, come next month.This according to a few excerpts from Daily Monitors interview with Ben Mwine, Kwese TV’s general manager in Uganda.

Kwese TV will launch next month in Uganda and will be the next PayTV satellite provider racing against the likes of DSTV, StarSat and Zuku. The Kwese TV kit will include a satellite dish, a decoder and a smart card all of which are readily available on the market while we wait for the official launch, happening next month.

Kwese will have over 60 channels covering  sports, news, family, faith based programming, documentaries and general entertainment. This is a far cry in close contrast from the competition like DSTV and Zuku both of which have over 100 channels. However, Kwese is confident that its pricing structure and market approach will win subscribers to its side.

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Kwese TV will be complemented by add on digital services like the Kwese App and the Kwese Website that will enable subscribers carry their viewing with them anywhere they want on a single subscription. This means that these services will be free for kwese subscribers.

Also, Kwese TV will have a flexible pricing structure that will enable viewers to subscribe to TV packages for a few days like three or seven. It should be noted that Startimes has something similar aimed at the lower income group.

Kwese TV also counts on local content on top of its other programming like the NBA, NFL, Formula 1 among others. The installation kit and costs will be 142,000UGX.