Kwese TV Uganda

The Kwese TV Uganda launch has been imminent for the past couple of months, first hinted on by its Ugandan General manager, Ben Mine but surprisingly it never happened back in May leading us to speculate on when it will finally happen.

You  can however head online to request for a kwese TV installation and only have to wait for 2 weeks to get your kit setup and boom, Kwese TV feed becomes live in your living room.

The only missing detail is that the service had not fully launched in Uganda let’s say with the normal glamor and pomp that befits a company its caliber.

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It is safe to assume they’ve been going through test phases with the live installations but now we have credible news that they’re launching. This month in October to be specific and once again the missing fine detail is the date on which Kwese TV will launch.

This was all said by Econet honcho, Strive Masiyiwa through a Facebook post announcing the Kwese Free Zone, a freemium bouquet of sorts to Kwese TV subscribers who will now on enjoy 5 free channels even with no active subscription. All they will need is a kwese TV decoder thus translating into being a kwese TV subscriber.

The free channels will include Kwese Free Sport (KFS), our former WBS TV, Kwese Free Entertainment (KFE), a general entertainment channel with a wide array of premium content, African News, Flow TV and FTA channels but he emphasised national broadcasters so expect UBC in there.

Kwese TV will launch in Uganda alongside other countries like Malawi and Swaziland this October. It is already live in Rwanda, Kenya, Ghana, Botswana, Lesotho, South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia and Zimbabwe.