Kwese TV launches their satellite TV service in Uganda

Kwese TV Uganda launch
Credit: Kwese Uganda

We said they were to launch, when they launched Kwese Free Sports after taking over the former WBS TV and today, they have officially launched their satellite TV (DTH) offering known as Kwese TV at Kabira Country Club in Kampala. Kwese TV is officially available in Uganda and it won’t matter whether you’re in Urban Kampala or rural Uganda as their signal can reach the far areas of Uganda. This means that both urban and rural dwellers can access Kwese TV.

With them comes a lot of promises that might force fellow players to change their approach or right away, revise their pricing model. After-all, all we care about is what a PayTV offers and at what price? Let us dive into this shortly.

The prices

Kwese TV will offer over 60 plus premium channels cutting across entertainment, sports, kids, news, lifestyle among others and all these will be accessed through three payment tiers that is a pay per view option of UGX 17,000 for a 3day subscription, UGX 32,000 for a 7day subscription and finally UGX 106,000 for a monthly subscription. Kwese TV believes this flexible payment approach will differentiate it from the competition on top of innovative content, citing Kwese Inc, an entrepreneurial channel on top of other gateways on which you can still access Kwese content besides satellite.

“Kwese’s appeal is not only its world class content but also its innovative payment model which has never been adopted in this market. Never before has such premium content been available for as little as UGX 17,000 for a three-day subscription. At Kwese we believe that world class content needs to be accessible to audiences not only through multiple platforms but also affordable prices,” explained Herbert Mucunguzi, the General Manager Kwese TV Uganda.

What are these gateways

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Kwese TV will be a multi-platform service and you won’t only access it via linear/satellite (DTH) but also over mobile (read apps), the web and other digital platforms all of which will include live streaming. Kwese TV’s General Manager in Uganda, Herbert Mucunguzi is quoted to have said that they have invested heavily in research on whose basis they know that we have a lot of youths in Uganda and their consumption habits tend to be in preference of watching on the go, anywhere, everywhere and this might explain Kwese’s investment in a multi-platform approach and you can have 5 simultaneous connections across them.

“African viewers have become increasingly more discerning and we cater to these diverse viewing appetites not only through premium content but also by means of a multi-platform broadcast offering which includes traditional TV, mobile apps and digital viewing options.”

Kwese is all about choice, our viewers can choose what they want to watch from our extensive content offering, choose where they want to watch it, the viewing period that works for them as well as the price point. Gone are the days when consumers were forced to choose one or the other platform, Kwese is unlocking a whole new world of flexibility,” added Mucunguzi.

Kwese only has one bouquet which is their premium bouquet whose full programming line-up can only be accessed on either a 3 days, 7 days or 30 days window. Once the subscription is exhausted, you can still access a maximum of 5 channels through the ‘always on’ Kwese Free Bouquet and these will include Free to Air channels and other selected premium channels. Speaking of FTA channels, Kwese’s line up will include local free-to-air channels like it home bred Kwese Free Sports, NBS, NTV, Bukedde and UBC which will be on the platform before the end of November while other channels will be added in the due course.

Kwese TV is currently available at branded dealer outlets and each subscriber will get a 1months free subscription on top of free installation. The full amount of the kit is UGX 143,000 which includes the satellite dish plus the decoder and UGX 81,000 for just the decoder.

You can still go online and order for an installation after which you’re contacted by an authorized installer. Kwese has so far registered 3000 kits purchased online and these are signs that Ugandans are actually interested in what they have to offer.

Kwese believes they will fend off the competition through their premium content that will include sports programming like the English Premier League (Kwese has Free to Air rights across sub-saharan Africa), the NBA, IAAF, Formula 1 and E, movies, news, kids programming among others. Their channel line-up includes Kwese branded clocking to 12, CNN, BBC, Aljazeera, Sky News, ESPN, NBA TV, E Sports TV, Revolt, Trace Channels like Mziki, Gospel, Africa among others.