Kola Studios Introduces a new card game called Last Card

Kola Studios introduces a New Game called Last Card

First was the Matatu card game, that has so far enjoyed over 50,000 downloads on the Google play store making it the most downloaded Ugandan made mobile app so far. Today the makers of Matatu, Kola Studios are introducing  Last Card, another popular card game played in New Zealand, especially in schools and public venues.

For now the App is only on Android and according to the makers of the App the game has a set of rules similar to some other rules in games like Uno, Mau Mau and Crazy Eights. Of course expect to have other several rules that differentiate it from the crowd.

How the game is played

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Lastcard is played with the normal 52 cards and the first person to play all the cards is the winner. It has some cards that are for special functions in the game, the Ace, the 5, the 2, the 10 and the 7. The cards are shuffled and each player receives five cards. Lastcard can be played by more than two people and other card decks can be added in case more people are to play. The game begins with any card by one of the players selected randomly.

The rules

Just like any card game, last card has it’s unique rules that have to be followed.

The Ace: This changes suit to what the player wants, it can be played on any card, for example, an Ace of hearts can be played on a flowers card, no big deal!

The Five: When played, the next player has to pick five cards, unless that player also has a five. Now this means, incase the other player plays the five, the next player picks ten cards! If the next player in line also plays a five, the next one picks fifteen cards and it just keeps progressing in multiples of five!

The Two: This card has the same rules as the five but the only difference is the players pick in multiples of two, meaning the first player in line picks two, the next one four, the next one six and it goes on and on!

The Ten: This one simply skips to the next person, in a game with only 2 players, the current player gets to play again.

The Seven: This one reverses the order of play. If the game has been advancing in a clockwise direction, when the seven is played, the game goes in a counter-clockwise direction. In a game with only 2 players, the current player gets to play again.[/signoff]

Android users can click the Icon below to download and Enjoy the game

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