KLM Uganda verifed by Whatsapp

WhatsApp and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines have started a unique test for a new service on WhatsApp. KLM is the very first airline worldwide and one of the first companies with a verified WhatsApp business account.

KLM now offers her customers around the world booking confirmation, check-in notification, boarding pass, flight status updates and asking questions in 10 different languages on WhatsApp via the official WhatsApp Business application.

The process is very simple and easily accessible, in one place the customer obtains information about the airport, en route or at home. It all starts with the WhatsApp opt-in on the KLM.com portal, where the customer is given an opportunity to submit their mobile telephone number during the process of booking an air ticket. They then receive automatic reminders of when check-in opens; how to access online boarding pass; and enable seat changes if a customer is not comfortable with the offered seat. The App will also give updates on the flight status to alert  the customer on matters like flight delays, boarding gate changes; and the customer has a 24/7 communication platform to address questions about the flight.

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“I am very proud that KLM is the world’s first airline with a verified WhatsApp account. This unique partnership with WhatsApp underlines our position as an aviation pioneer. We want to be where our customers are to provide solution and  connect with them in a fast and personal way on WhatsApp. The rollout has already started and, given the 1 billion users, you have to be on WhatsApp. With an account verified by WhatsApp, we offer our customers worldwide a reliable service to receive their flight information and ask questions 24/7. This truly is a major next step in our social media strategy.” KLM President & CEO Pieter Elbers stated.

All the communication on the WhatsApp platform is secure, it is only read by the customer and KLM, and no one else, not even the  WhatsApp Company. Customers can easily recognise verified businesses using the official WhatsApp business application. This means that customers will see a green checkmark badge next to the KLM contact name on WhatsApp.

KLM has been on Social Media Since 2009 to gain a credible reputation as pioneer in the field of social media services and campaigns. The airline has over 25 million fans and followers on various social media platforms which include Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, LinkedIn, WeChat and KakaoTalk . Through these channels it receives over 100,000 mentions every week, 15,000 of which are questions or remarks. These are personally answered by more than 250 service agents, who form the world’s largest, dedicated social media team. KLM offers her customers a 24/7 one-stop-shop in 9 different languages: Dutch, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. During office hours, KLM also offers services in Italian. KLM was the world’s first airline to offer customers the option of receiving flight documents and status updates via Messenger, Twitter and WeChat.

Together with a small number of businesses, WhatsApp is testing ways for businesses to communicate with customers using the App. With the intention to create value for both customers and the businesses they connect with in their daily lives the pilot project is becoming more widely available.

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