King of the Bundles: Africell Uganda introduces over 20 new data bundles

Africell King of Bundles

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As the value of the dollar in Uganda keeps increasing, it seems the reverse is true for the voice and data prices in the telecom sector. The self-branded King of Bundles, Africell Uganda has joined the MTN and Airtel price wars in voice and has reduced its data rates. Ever since the take over from Orange Uganda, the company has been incognito and their data market share has slowly been eaten up by the likes of Vodafone and MTN. So, for Africell it wouldn’t make much sense to cut voice prices but rather concentrate where their strength lies– and that is data. The company showed off these prices at the Kampala Carnival and is yet to update their website to reflect the new data tariffs.

They have introduced 20 new bundles in all categories, 9 existing bundles have been reduced and one 75 MB daily rate bundle has been removed in the new tariff plan. See the table below for details; Do these new rates make Africell Uganda the King of Bundles?  Leave us your comment below.

ValidityVolume Old Price (UGX)New Price (UGX)
Daily10 MB290
20 MB450
25 MB500500
50 MB1,0001,000
100 MB2,0001,750
Weekly50 MB1,750
75 MB2,500
80 MB2,500
200 MB5,500
800 MB2,1900
Monthly25 MB1,450
100 MB4,400
125 MB5,0004,900
250 MB10,0009,750
350 MB13,500
500 MB20,00019,500
1 GB35,00034,500
1.5 GB44,500
2 GB50,00049,850
3 GB59500
3.5 GB75,00075,000
5 GB89,000
10 GB125,000124,850
30 GB300,000284,900
3 Months1 GB45,000
1.5 GB50,00050,000
2 GB64,900
3 GB77,500
5 GB116,500
6.5 GB130000129,000
10 GB160,000
20 GB300,000
30 GB370000
4.5 GB600,000600,000
6 Months30 GB500,000500,000
12 Months100 GB900,000900,000
Happy Hour1 GB5,0005,000
Happy Nights1 GB2,5002,500


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