Kiira Motors Corporation to manufacture 60,000 cars per year by 2039

Kiira EV design logo

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[/blockquote]Made in Uganda cars are coming soon,and the first 305 cars from Kiira Motors Corporation (KMC) will be complete by 2018 assuming all the necessary infrastructure and human resources are put in available. The car factory that which will be located in Jinja, is planned to grow to 60,000 cars per year by 2039. The cars that will be made include pickups, compact SUVs, sedans, light and medium duty trucks and buses. KMC has already made several workable prototypes and their signature hybrid car being the the Kiira Motor EV.

The CEO Kiira Motors , Mr Paul Isaac Musasizi, said that government’s strong commitment was required to achieve the set timelines. He told the New Vision that the Government has promised to fund scientists to carry out this project. He said;

“Made in Uganda cars should be safe and environmentally friendly. We need to train over 200 engineers, lawyers, accountants and entrepreneurs in the next six years in countries where cars are made to be able to develop indigenous Kiira technology,”

Musasizi asked government to develop the infrastructure, land and buildings and lease it to KMC in the future where the company can buy it from government when they become profitable. KMC is owned by Uganda Development Corporation and Makerere University.

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He added that government needs to be resolute on the weaning off of used cars when car making starts. He said the economy would benefit from exports, taxes paid and creation of employment including highly skilled intellectuals.

The Kiira EV by Kiira Motors Corporation