Chicken in a bucket for the coins in my pocket: Is KFC robbing Ugandans in broad day light ?

Just when you thought that a very good number of Ugandans love luxury, sorry think again. This comes after a multinational fast food chain known as KFC announced its intentions of joining the local Ugandan market and it became the trending topic of the day as it took the social media by storm. In a blink of an eye, a post or tweet would appear with a hash tag #KFC . It became one of the most talked about openings of recent and many were in anticipation of tasting the Kentucky born chicken recipe.

Social media outrage

Just a few days ago it has become one of those most trending stories as the chain finally opened its doors to the masses at Village mall in the upscale suburb of Bugolobi . But as you would expect it, many took to social media to praise the chicken, took photos while enjoying the chicken but the story didn’t end there. A large fraction of the online community many of Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram took this chance to lament about the exorbitant chicken prices and even had to resort back to their forgotten Chicken outlets the likes of Mr Tasty, Chicken Tonight and those that actually don’t deserve my mention. Many inquired if the chicken were imported for management to charge such a premium. No offense to the rich folks out there but the average Ugandan couldn’t believe that KFC would go for 99,000 UGX ($ 40) and many cursed as they saw their exit out of the eatery.

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Ugandans are known for embracing foreign brands but many were caught unaware of the ‘high’ chicken price

Ugandans are known for embracing foreign brands but many were caught unaware of the ‘high’ chicken prices to an average Ugandan as the average chicken prices around Kampala go for around UGX 15000 ($ 6) and many wondered whether the chicken is imported straight from Kentucky or locally bred from Uganda. It was no surprise that many flocked the grand opening sorry for those who took it to the social media, for rest of the world to know how high the chicken prices were and competition is in celebratory moods having seen potential customers leave them in favor of Kentucky Fried Chicken come back.  Of recent it has turned out that social media is the only escape for disgraced Ugandans as they can air out their grievances without fear and spread the news as fast as light . So KFC couldn’t be an exception from this online legion of disappointed Ugandans. Hope the buzz will soon be brought to an end. Can’t wait for such comments to finally disappear from social media. So whether you feel robbed or not you go there by choice — the prices are and will remain fixed and not about to go down anytime soon.