Kerry Washington’s Miss Uganda SNL Skit causes havoc on Facebook

The annual Miss Universe 2013 competition, is under way and with over 86 countries vying for the crown, the chaps at Saturday Night Live wont let the event unrecognized in their latest skit. With actress Kerry Washington being the host of last week’s SNL, her skit imitating Miss Uganda on stage left a sour taste among Ugandans on Facebook.The skit took advantage of the fact that she was in Uganda to film the 2006 movie Last King of Scotland, a movie that was based on the events of the brutal Ugandan dictator Idi Amin’s regime and she took the role of was one of Amin’s wives. It seems she picked up at least what is believed to be the English accent and mannerisms of a typical Ugandan or so she thinks.

What are you? , who is she?

The Ugandans on social media were no amused as to most of them it sounds like a West Afrcian accent, they raised insults others even took protect to stop watching her latest series Scandal (as if it will have any impact), i personally found it funny. Lets face it , its an African accent and for crying out loud its SNL. We should take a joke or two guys life goes on. Enjoy the choppy video below.

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