Kenyan Authorities mount Surveillance Cameras in public areas to Fight Crime

for CIO EA

Following the West gate Terror Attack on 21st September 2013, the Kenyan Government has taken an initiative to beef up security by using technology through the installation of surveillance cameras in a number of public areas across the city.

As a result, some 42 cameras have been mounted at Roundabouts, bus stations, markets and major crime spots in Nairobi so as to enhance the fight against crime and terrorism in the country. According to an article in the Daily Nation, Metropolitan Development Secretary John Maina said the high-tech Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) will also help check motorists who break traffic rules.

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The Installation was done by a Chinese firm Ms Nanjing Les Information Technology at a cost of Shs. 437 million and they can rotate at 360 degrees therefore covering a larger perimeter to monitor any crimes and traffic offenses in the city.

Mr Maina said that 24 hour surveillance cameras will be monitored  from police headquarters while those at roundabouts will be monitored and managed from Nairobi County Offices. According to Mr Maina, this is phase one of the project that has
comprehensively covered the CBD and soon, the cameras would be introduced in other major towns.

Control rooms have already been fitted with big screens and will have eight controllers at a time and also there is a standby control room in case one fails or is tampered with.

“We are not compromising on security. The system will capture anyone committing a crime in the city. The operators will do a radio call to the police officers designated to the particular area who will swing to action, “said Maina. The cameras are of high technology as they move with the suspect transferring their images to the next camera.