Kayoola Solar-powered bus officially launched by President

Kayoola Bus launched

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A new dawn has today clouded over Uganda and a prospective sunrise has shone upon the pearl of Africa. Technology Company Kiira Motors Corporation (KMC) has today launched Africa’s first solar-powered electric bus Kayoola Bus launched .

The Kayoola Bus a solar powered bus has today been launched by H.E President Kaguta Museveni at Serena Hotel in Kampala. The 30-seater Kayoola bus EV which is under the Kiira Motors research is set to take on the road after it was launched today. The bus is fully electric, with batteries that are auto charged with a powered voltage from the sun thanks to the solar panel on the roof to supplement power. It is designed to for about 80-100km, without recharge.

The development of the Kayoola Solar Electric Bus concept represents the commitment of the Kiira Motors Project to championing the progressive development of local capacity for Vehicle Technology Innovation,” noted the company CEO Paul Isaac Musasizi.

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The President on launching the solar-powered bus affirmed that the government will be supporting more of the innovations in the tech field. We’ll support these scientists and give them all the support they need”, he noted.

Kayoola Bus launched

The bus relies on two power banks (lithium-ion batteries) which power an electric motor that is coupled to a 2-speed pneumatic shift transmission. The power banks operate in automatic alternation to enable real time mobile battery recharging while the other is in use. During the test drive with he media, KMC executives unveiled that Kayoola was built at an estimate of UGX 500m. With a seating capacity of 35 passengers, the bus has a power capacity of 150KW (204HP) Peak and solar power of 1320W.

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