For just UGX 10k, you can enjoy Smile Telecom’s unlimited daily data bundle. But, is worth it?

Unlimited data speeds

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[/blockquote]The one thing that most internet addicts in Uganda crave for is “pure” unlimited internet with no data caps, and it seems most carriers have failed to deliver on this. After launching its Unlimited monthly data that goes for UGX 179,000, Smile Communications Uganda has unveiled a new daily data bundle for the price of UGX 10,000. You will enjoy unlimited surfing, video on demand, social media, gaming on the company’s 4G LTE network. But, as always there is a catch, similar to the monthly unlimited bundle, that UGX 10k will entitle you to speeds of up to 2Mbps which are shared and not dedicated.

And yes, there are still more terms and conditions, according to the company’s fair usage policy, Smile’s daily unlimited data bundle will permit subscribers to use until they reach 1.5GB, after this data cap is exceeded users speeds will be throttled to 256Kbps till 24 hours are completed. In comparison, for the monthly SmileUnlimited data plan you will get up to 25 GB and when you exhaust it, your speeds will be throttled to less than 512 kbps.

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Is Smile Telecom Uganda’s new daily UGX 10,000 Unlimited data bundle worth it?

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Image Credit: Gizmodo