Jumia Uganda in a Valentine’s smartphone bonanza: Check out these amazing discounts

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Before you paint the 14th of Feb Red & Black, how about you present your loved one with a smartphone? The surprising bit is, at a discount! Look no further than Jumia Uganda, the online retailer that has had you at thought with their enticing smartphone deals running till that fateful day (Read 14th of Feb). The ongoing promo is set to last for 14 days having started on the 1st of this month. Below are some of the hottest deals at your disposal;
Huawei Ascend P8 Lite

Was: 865,000 USh
Now: 800,000 USh (8% off) – Best Price in Uganda

Nokia Lumia 520

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Was: 599,999 USh
Now: 479,999 USh (20% off)

HTC One M8

Was: 2,199,999 USh
Now: 1,899,999 USh (14% off)

Tecno H7

Was: 679,999 USh
Now:  549,999 USh (19% off)

iDROID USA Royal V7x

Was: 679,000 USh
Now: 499,000 USh (27% off)

Huawei Ascend Y5C

Was: 322,500 USh
Now: 300,000 USh (7% off)

iDROID USA Tango A5 Phablet
Was: 499,000 USh
Now: 349,000 USh (30% off)

InnJoo i1K

Was: 350,000 USh
Now: 250,000 USh (29% off)


Was: 137,500 USh
Now: 129,100 USh (6% off)


Was: 299,000 USh
Now: 249,000 USh (17% off)
Celebrate valentine’s with Jumia