Back in the days, traveling was something that one had to prepare for tooth and nail, make research and also dig deeper into information regarding the destination they were going. Well, I must commend the work that online revolution has brought. It’s one we shall love to hate and at the same time embrace. After re-branding from Jovago to Jumia Travel, the latter now is a whole new experience that is packaged with more.

Jumia Travel by far now is the leading hotel booking website, allowing you to get the best prices for more than 20,000 hotels in Africa, 2,000 hotels in Pakistan and more than 200,000 hotels around the world and they have slowly grown their niche in the offing.

Well today we take their Android app for a test run, this is the Jumia Travel App review

User Interface

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The App is amazing to navigate and just before you take a click of your location, you will be provided with a list of hotels that are in your proximity from which you can proceed to choose from. There is a vivid search plugin that allows you search for whatever hotel you want to book.

Just on the left top is the icon that helps visit the menu. There you will find all you need under your account, For every booking you make, there is a “My Booking” slot that will have all your hotel bookings saved there. Just below that listing, there is a “Contact us” which i believe was an unnecessary addition because of its repetition. The very listing has representation of on the top right corner.

The Juma Travel app also has its the “Best Price” listing where you are advised on how best you can select your hotel choice. I think the fact that they offer relatively good prices on these hotels is one that keeps them tick and maybe absence of a major threat. Before you roll to the last “Sign Out” option, you can actually visit the “Settings” option that allows you select which language is best for you, which currency you want to deal in and whether you want to receive Jumia Travel notifications and newsletters, well ignoring this part is at your own liking.

Jumia Travel UI

Generally the app is a self-tutorial with it’s ease to navigability for any first time user. However, the bit of booking comes in trickly.

Although we are moving away from the days of being an Mbs ‘miser’, this app allows you worry less as it’s not a consumer of your mbs. At usage, i noticed that it drained 2.56mbs of my 25mbs that I had loaded for a period of One Hour. The background data which i rarely put off billed me at 1.56mbs. So I guess its one app you won’t have to worry about when it comes to data consumption in the era where you love your Internet bundles.

Standing at over hundred thousand downloads on the Google Playstore, the app comes with a 29.73Mb of space on your smartphone that should not chew most of your space owing to the fact that it’s not an app you would use quite often unless you are a travel junkie.

How Jumia Travel App Works

When I had a chat with Jumia Travel Uganda’s Public Relations the lovely Evelyn Masaba, she was hell bent on convincing me that Jumia Travel is now a new experince that Ugandans and travel lovers will embrace. The App is not a hard one to use just like all Jumia’s apps and platforms.

Step1: Identify the Hotel that you shall want to stay in during your travel escapade.

Step 2: After viewing the Hotel and the services you will need(If you want a double or Single plus other services) Proceed to the “Book” icon that will direct you to fill in your information.

Step 3: Well it’s from here that you will asked to fill in your information and also given an option to either pay on arrival at Hotel, Pay via Mobile Money or pay using Master Card. If you have a voucher code, it’s at this point that you put it to have a discount on your booking. The ideal part for me is the fact that you can book and pay later when you arrive at the Hotel which may even offer you concierge that you many want.

Step 4: Here is when you actually sign in and have Jumia Travel team take it on to ensure that the hotel is prepared for you.

Once all this is done, you’ll be notified of the availability of your booking by either the Hotel or the Jumia Travel team and then you can plan ahead.