Jay-Z renamed : Call him Jay Z

jay-z name change

We have heard of a number of Artists who have in due course of time re-branded, for example from  Puff
Daddy, Snoop Dogg and Prince, and now Jay Z has become the latest musician to change his name. While the New York rapper is known to have stylized his name as Jay Z for some time — before his collaboration with Kanye West in Watch The Throne — his label has at last confirmed what many
already knew: the hyphen is no more. News of the change comes from Billboard editor Joe Levy, who twitted with Jay Z’s representatives.

Jay Z’s new sobriquet has already gone public, As listings on Apple’s iTunes Store display Jay Z without the hyphen (although the album covers retain it), as does promotional material for his latest album Magna Carta Holy Grail.

 Source: Twitter