Jajatoons Geek Week Edition: Telecom Price Wars

Telecom price wars _geekweek edition

Geek week 2015 posts[blockquote right=”pull-left”][/blockquote]From Airtel Zone to MTN Zone, customers are still confused on figuring our which is cheaper as the ads from each telecom says otherwise. The recent telecom price wars have seen call rates drop down to With UGX 3 per second being the maximum you can spend customers are now being spoilt for choice. As the elephants fight we shall as usual watch on and enjoy the show, let the best man win. Anyway its all part of jajatoons geek week edition this week, as usual lets get this started. Caption away in our comment section below or on twitter with the hash tag #jajatoons or TJGeekWeek.



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Telecom price wars _geekweek edition detailed

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