iTunes is finally coming to the Windows Store

iTunes in Windows Store

Windows users have always been able to download Apple’s iTunes app from the internet and install it on their devices, but at Microsoft’s developer conference, the company announced that Apple will bring iTunes desktop app to the Windows Store. This means Microsoft has been working with Apple to get iTunes listed in the Windows Store.  iTunes is one of the most searched for apps that’s currently missing in the Windows Store and Microsoft has gone a step head to bring to Windows users eliminating the hustle of searching for the app online.

This is a great step for Microsoft in a bid to make its Windows Store relevant for its users, but they will also need to attract apps like Google’s Chrome browser which might be a hard ball. This can only happen if creates a new version of Chrome specifically for the Windows Store as it has done before with iOS, but we can’t keep out hopes up for that to happen soon.

Apple’s iTunes is a big addition for regular consumers and a slight boost to Microsoft’s Windows Store efforts. This comes at a time when Microsoft has released its latest Operating system called Windows S that only accepts apps in the Windows Store.