It’s No longer Mandatory To Have A Google+ Account

HQ inside Google

HQ inside Google

According to  Marketing Land , Google has gotten back to it’s senses and has removed its requirement that forces new Google users also create a Google+ account. Now when you enter the Google world and sign up for a Gmail, Google Docs, or other Google account, you will see a new “No thanks” button that lets you opt out of Google’s social network.

google plus no longer mandatory

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It should be noted that even if creating a Google+ account has never been such a pain, removing this requirement means that Google is less committed than it once was when it comes to force-feeding Google+ to its users. Previously in July, the company abandoned their efforts of forcing Google+ users to use their real names.

So far this is still in rumormill as Google hasn’t made any official announcements about the state of Google+, but it’s clear that the company’s enthusiasm for the product seems to be fading in the wind.It’s clear that with this move, Google+ is expected to have few people signing up.


Source: Marketing Land