Is this the next Windows phone update with notification center?


With the current leaks that surfaced late this week it looks like Windows phone UI is on for a fresh revamp, including a redesigned notifications center, if a clutch of screenshots supposedly inadvertently leaked can be believed. The images,we are seeing according to a Reddit user from a Nokia Lumia 920 bought on eBay, apparently show a version of Windows Phone dated May 9, and could well be a misplaced test unit that had been used to put a pre-launch OS build through its paces.

The elephant in the room is the way Windows Phone handles notifications, something Microsoft itself previously conceded was left somewhat half-baked. As on Android and iOS, the notifications pane
apparently supports multiple sections – split by app – with multiple notifications in each section permitted.

I think that is a  welcome change, since Windows Phone’s current system of pop-up alerts and Live Tile animations lacks comprehensiveness for power-users getting significant numbers of notifications.

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Apart from Notifications, there’s a new multitasking system evident as well, with the new ability to close apps from the multitasking view. A floating “X” icon seems to suggest apps can be manually shut down with a tap, similar to how iOS multitasking operates.

As we see below, in the calendar, there’s a new weekly view for appointments, while the app list has also been tweaked. It’s apparently possible to order software according to frequency of use, with titles organized by “most used”, “moderately used”, etc.

Source: The Verge