Is Samsung the new Apple?

the galaxy s5

Something about Samsung of late that feels like Apple

the galaxy s5
The Galaxy S5 (Image Credit: The Verge)

I know the title of this editorial may seem like an obvious YES or NO answer to some and yet I know there are other critics out there marveling at it as a tantalizing question that begs for several responses. What has sparked off this editorial–if you might ask — is the obvious launch of the Galaxy S5  last week. Samsung was able to  replace its flagship phone barely 11 months since it launched the Galaxy s4 last year and it got many geeks wondering.

Were the sales of the Galaxy s4 not up to Samsung’s expectations? Or did the Korean phone giant want to beat HTC to the flagship launch race of 2014? Others think Samsung had to quickly gush out an improved s5 just to match specs with the iPhone 5s with features like the finger print scanner and or  64 bit processors which are all ‘key’ features you will find on both phones.

Frankly I will go with all options cited above. Samsung being a top dog especially in the Android  world, it has to keep its game up. I wrote an editorial last week singing praises of Samsung’s new Gear Fit, and my praises never went in vain as this gear won best device at MWC2014. But unfortunately I won’t do the same of the Galaxy S5. Don’t get me wrong, if you currently own a Galaxy s3, I think getting a Galaxy s5 is a worthy upgrade. But the same just doesn’t fly for the Galaxy s4 owners.  I think Samsung is becoming more like Apple in some aspects where an iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s have marginal

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GS5 back

The Galaxy s5 is Ugly!

Its Ugly. Yes, I said it and I wont beat around the bush, just like the Galaxy s4, the Galaxy s5 is just not up to my taste design wise. Since the  Galaxy s2, I have personally never really liked Samsung’s design language. Outside the Note line, there is nothing that really entices me to  purchase a Galaxy S phone. Call me hypocritical, but I will say it as it is, I don’t like the design of the Galaxy s5 and that’s completely and totally my own subjective opinion.

Samsung’s bigger problem

Samsung has listened to the complaints of users and it started to fix the appearance of the UI but it hasn’t paid attention to the bigger problem which is not the UI but the size of their software. Believe me guys, its a massive issue. According to bloggers at Android Central who managed to check and report on their hands on experience with the phone, discovered that on the base 16GB model of the phone, even before you install your own apps, all you get is less than  8GB of free user  space. Meaning that the phone selfishly uses up more than 8 GB for its own useless bloatware. And don’t mention the use of a MicroSD card to solve that problem,  because I already covered that in a separate editorial you can read HERE. As one blogger put it prettier bloat software is still bloat. I mean who uses Samsung’s ChatOn in this day and age of WhatsApp messaging?

One thing is for sure just like the iPhone, the Galaxy S5 will sale in millions on the market

The reason why am so quick to hate on Samsung is that unlike other Android OEMs, Samsung has so much money that there would be no reason for them to bore us with the same old design aesthetics. Having a bandage looking back as a major aesthetic differentiator from the the previous model is not a good sign of innovation if you ask me.  All that money that the company is saving by using plastic instead of other really high-end materials, why doesn’t it just invest some of that money in R&D and push the market forward .

Adding a heart-rate sensor on the back of the phone or a fingerprint scanner on the front that few people will actually ever use (ask the iPhone 5s owners), why don’t you put that time and effort into creating something that is actually useful.

So last year we learnt that it’s software features really weren’t all that practicable. I want to challenge a Galaxy s4 owner who has used Air-gesture, as much as they texted of even made calls ever since they bought their phone. Assuming they even know that the phone has such capabilities. All the features Samsung showed us last year were just to sale the phone and it makes one wonder if Samsung cares about pushing the market forward with truly innovative features that are going help users. Truth be told, it only cares about moving phones off the selves and frankly that just rubs me the wrong way. So yes, Samsung is basically the new Apple as they are looking more like Apple than ever. Do you have an opinion about this topic? Leave us a comment below.