Is Nokia working on a Windows tablet?

nokia HQ

So what do we see here? It looks like a fabled Nokia Lumia tablet, complete with a set of specifications that are set to put suggestions of a final run to rest. From the pictures we just received the tablet comes completely engraved with a Nokia’s name at its back, this 10.1-inch tablet exists somewhere in the land of lost prototypes – complete with what is rumored to be an NVIDIA processor inside according to Slashgear.

Through WPC forums it’s stated that this machine works with an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor clocked at 1.3GHz and runs Windows RT. The big black slab also holds 2GB of RAM, HDMI-out at least one full-sized USB port, a microSIM card slot, and a 16-point touch touchscreen up front. This tablet shares – at least at first glance – some design cues with the modern Nokia Lumia smartphone lineup as well as several past “leaks” of this device.

Don’t get us wrong,the device you’re seeing here could very well be one of the only prototypes produced.  It’s obvious that Nokia is eyeing the tablet space and whether this prototype will ever get to see the day of light, we are yet to find out.

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Source: Slashgear, WPC forums