Is Kampala ready for high-tech flyover cable cars?

cable cars in kampla
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cable cars in kampla
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Kampala like any other capital is a city of traffic jam, especially during rush hours, the road transport system is congested and drivers spend hours on the move. The city authorities (KCCA) recently put forward a proposal to the ruling party, indicating that they would undertake a $150 million master plan to adopt a new the transport network in the city and cable cars were their preference. The high-tech flyover head cable cars were proposed as the best alternative transportation means to decongest traffic on Kampala streets.

Proposal to desert project

According to the Daily Monitor these dreams to have cable cars may be thrown in the gutters, as the idea is no winning the hearts of the city’s Councillor who unanimously asked the Authority’s head Ms Jennifer Musisi to desert the cable cars project and assume “cost effective and realistic” modes of transport. The Monitor further reports that Mr Bruhane Byaruhanga, Kyambogo University Councillor said that

[signoff predefined=”Movie Review Signoff” icon=”icon-username”]We suggested to the technical team that instead of investing in cables cars, they should consider Trams and revival of the train transport system for Kampala that are more realistic to Uganda’s terrain setting and such options are in the cost means of the authority[/signoff]

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As of now we wait for the feasibility study that will be done by potential consultants in the near future. Do you think Kampala is ready for high-tech flyover cable cars?


  • Peter N Peter

    We do not have power to run simple kiosks, and we think we can run cable cars!

    • roger bambino

      Apparently there was hope it was possible… Thats ug for u

  • Caroline Agaba

    the roads are still so poor and people are dreaming of cable cars. yet we can’t maintain what we have already?

    • roger bambino

      lol totally agree but, i think that would be more reason to have the cable cars since the road network is bad or not sufficient . Nway i guess the problem we have is prioritization.