Is it me or Twitter’s up coming re-design is a Facebook rip-off?

Twitter’s profile pages will be undergoing a fundamental redesign soon, according to the Twitter blog . These changes will be effective to only a select group of users for now, but will be rolled out globally in the coming weeks. Those who can’ help it and want to try it out now, by signing up for a new account and the new look will be your default starting position.

Twitter Goes Visual

The new redesign has pushed twitter more to the rich visuals, with larger background images and more prominent profile pictures. But if you are social media fanatic, you will find that there’s an unmissable similarity to Facebook’s profile pages. The redesign now has user’s photos and friends both being tucked into a tile layout on the lower left. We all can’t shake off the feeling that this is a Facebook inspired re-design.

You will also be able to pin one of your own tweets to the top of the page, which would be analogous to a Facebook status message function-wise, plus it will be a more temporal way to present yourself than your profile bio. Other changes include a size adjustment to tweets relative to how engaging they’ve been. Lastly, the site will now allow you to choose whether to just see basic tweets, tweets with photos and videos, or tweets and their replies from other people.

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