For the die hard Apple fan boys out there, there is a tough choice to make, iPhone X vs iPhone 8 & 8 Plus. Is iPhone X Better? Is It Worth The $200-300 Premium? Lets have a in-depth look at these devices and how they compare to one another and get to know which device is better suited for you assuming you have your kidney ready.

The Similarities

The Build: From the outside there is a striking difference, one is much bigger than the other the iPhone X fits well in the palm of your hand unlike the 8 Plus. They all feature a similar design with glass on the front and the back and Apple claims its 50% harder than the standard front glass on the iPhone 7. This is good in terms of durability.

Displays: Both phones have the same technology when it comes to displays in terms of True Tone, which means they can both adjust the ambience of the display to the current color temperature giving it a more even look.  This means they are both capable of the same brightness. Even if the iPhone X has an Organic LED display it is still capable of 625 nits same as the iPhone 8 Plus. Both these devices are still using IP 67 water resistance.

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Processor: The processing power across all three devices is the same. They use the new AI based Apple A11 Bionic chip with the neural engine and motion core processor. This means they will all be just a powerful as each other, although it is yet to be confirmed if the iPhone 8 will be getting 1 GB less RAM than the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

Cameras: All cameras are 12 Mega pixels, although only the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X will be will be getting the dual camera with portrait mode. So using an improved version of the existing one, you are going to get that bokeh effect in some certain locations.

They all have an improved flash unit with two times better uniformity when taking pictures in the dark. There is also a new portrait lighting mode which is in beta. And surprisingly, all the devices can do 4K 60 frames per second (fps) and 1080p at 240 fps, which translates in great slow motion and flawless videos shooting and playback. All the front cameras do have the same 7 Megapixels sensor, although the iPhone X has some tricks back of its sleeve that we shall get into later.

Storage: All devices do have the 64GB, and 256 GB storage capacity and all do have the Qi Wireless standard for wireless charging with fast charging capabilities. For 30 minutes you can get up to 50% charge which is pretty good for an iPhone.

Operating System: All phones will run Apple’s latest iOS 11 no doubt.

So this is where the similarities end, so lets explore how different these devices are.

iPhone X slide
iPhone 10

The differences

The Build: The iPhone X is made out of stainless steel compared to the Aluminum finish on the 8 and 8 Plus, which means its more resistant to drops. The colors are also different, on the iPhone 8 plus you have options of getting the silver, space grey and gold colors and on the iPhone X there is no gold color option instead you get a silver and space grey option.

The Plus series is not so simple for one-handed use while the X its usable with one hand and the iPhone 8 is comparable in terms of form factor with the X. The X doesn’t have reachability especially when navigating the software as you have to go all the way up to access the notification center on the top left and control center on the top right. On the 8 plus its the same old swipe down as we used to know on iOS 10.

The iPhone X is the thickest of the bunch at 7.7 mm compared to the iPhone 8 Plus at 7.5m and the iPhone 8 at 7.3mm. This is not a huge difference, but Apple has made these devices just a little bit thicker just to accommodate more internals  and more battery life.

The Display: Even if they has some similarities here, there is also a huge difference. The X gives you a full bezel-less experience with and edge to edge display that stretches top to bottom. On the 8 plus its a more conventional square so nothing too exotic.

But the actual display technology is different, the X has a Super Retina Display (OLED) which means it has infinite contract ratio– the blacks are pure black, as each pixel can be turned off individually. Colors of the X will be a little bit more vibrant just like on Samsung phones, so in general it is a better display all around, not to mention the ppi is better at 458 ppi and a 401 on the 8 plus and 356 on the standard iPhone 8.

It is also worth noting that the bar at the top of the X will get in the way of your content (videos and games), but the eyes will get used with time. Your content will appear bigger on the Plus series phone than on the X just because it has more room to expand width-wise. On the X the content will appear smaller even if there is more room, with a taller display.

Cameras: The front facing cameras are all 7 MP although the iPhone X is a Face ID capable device, meaning it can scan your face a 3D map model of your face can be made and you can do different things with that. Such as unlock your phone with FaceID, pay certain things or even do Animated Emojis with Animoji a new cool little fun trick that the iPhone X has that lets you animate your favorite emojis using your face. The other two iPhones are no capable of this.

They all the the same dual 12 MP camera senors as we mentioned before but between the 8 Plus and the X there are several key differences.

  • The X has a lower aperture on its tele-photo zoom lens at f 1.8 and f 2.4 which translates better picture quality in low light.
  • The X has dual optical stabilized sensors which means as soon as you zoom in the video or photo, that image will be stabilized where as on the 8 plus thats not the case

FaceID Vs TouchID: The 8 and 8 Plus have a second generation Touch ID sensor which is the same on the 7 and 7 Plus. It is extremely fast and very convenient as you don’t have to be looking at your phone in order to unlock it every single time. On the stage demo when Apple was announcing FaceID that is on the iPhone X, it seemed a little bit slow as it involved looking directly at the iPhone in order for it to unlock. So when it comes to convenience, it seems there is a little hindrance there already but with time the iPhone X users will get used.

Battery life: All of them are expected to have pretty good battery life, the 8 and 8 Plus have the same rating and the X has 2 extra hours of battery life than the i Phone 7. The X will do less internet usage time and video playback compared to the iPhone 8 plus

Price and Release date: The iPhone X definitely carries with it a premium pricing over the 8 and 8 plus, as you will pay over UGX 700,000 more to get the 8 Plus and UGX 1 million over the standard iPhone 8 to get the iPhone X. The X will cost between UGX 3.6m (less taxes) for 64 GB and 4.12 million (less taxes) for 256 GB version.

Now considering all that you get for an extra UGX 1 million, it really isn’t unreasonable. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8, will cost $930-960 (less taxes). Although it does offer a lot, the iPhone 8 is still in that high end category as it does things that the Galaxy Note 8 can’t even do. So definitely not a bad buy. We think Apple should also have done a 128  GB model since 68 GB storage seems low nowadays for a smartphone you expect to shoot 4k videos with or play games with.

The 8 and 8 plus will be available on September 22nd and the X on November 3rd. So there you have it? So which one would you buy or dream of buying? You can leave a comment below.