iPhone users ain’t loyal: Switching to larger screen Galaxy s5

Samsung Galaxy s5

Kantar Worldpanel ComTech reported early this week that Apple sales shares are falling in three months to May, as iPhone owners abandon platform for a larger screen 5.5 inch Samsung Galalxy s5 flagship.

The statistics clearly show that 26% of new Samsung Galaxy S5 users have switched from the iPhone in Britain which is a bump up from the 12% new adoption rate last year. Other parts of Europe The rates were lower  with a turnover of 17%. The most loyal ones are the US with 8% of new S5 buyers were former iPhone users. Android remains the number one OS in Europe with 73.3% market share.

With rumors of a larger screen iPhone 6 coming later this year in September, its interesting to note that people are switching and not impatient to wait. The more interesting statistic is that Apple’s iPhone 5c’s sales are way ahead of the Galaxy S5 in the UK, which are the number one highest selling handset in that area.

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Most people switching to Samsung were LG and HTC users.