The iPhone is losing it’s cool!

iPhone SE

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[/blockquote]With the iPhone 6S cum 5S, sorry SE out in the wild with nothing new to offer, (its just an iPhone 6S clad in a 5S body) it makes one wonder where the old iconic Apple is? One that swung above the rest with cutting edge innovation, design and a brand to reckon with! The Apple that changed the way we use smartphones in 2007 with the original iPhone, one that took smartphone design a notch higher when it debuted the iPhone 4, repeatedly doing it with the 5 and 6?

I also find no innocent part of me to outright give you answers to the above questions. I’m still wondering if Apple is still rediscovering its charm. But, while it takes the rediscovery strolls, others are catching up to it’s walks.

Last year, just last year, Apple’s long known nemesis Samsung revamped its mobile division to give us a refreshed Galaxy S6. It was a total overhaul from Apple whose designs Sammy had long borrowed from. The S6 and its many knockoffs out-muscled the then Apple’s flagship, the iPhone 6 in many areas, winning many souls in the process that the tables almost turned to Samsung’s favor.

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And now comes the Galaxy S7/ S7 Edge. It’s without doubt, the best smartphone(s) currently on market, squashing the iPhone 6S Plus hands down. Apple is yet to reply with the iPhone 7. Add all the mentioned misdemeanors to the global economic slowdown that has contracted iPhone sales, even from Apple’s strongholds and emerging markets comes as no surprise why apple had to unveil the iPhone SE.

The Cheapest new iPhone you can get

It is now the cheapest iPhone you can get but apparently, which is no surprise since it hasn’t brought anything new on board except scaling down on its larger sibling, the iPhone 6S minus 3D Touch. With this, Apple hopes to have ‘cracked’ a new growth strategy as it seeks to flourish in emerging markets like China, India and probably Africa where the Apple brand is going strong year by year, but prices of its products are prohibitive. Adding insult to the injury is the fact that the mid-range turf is well dominated with good Android alternatives, that won’t be humble to cede growth to Apple’s SE.

Apples software has always played well with its hardware, but Apple is becoming a victim of it’s own success when it comes to the former. I hope you shall agree with me when I assert that Apple is primarily a hardware company. This it sells in droves but apparently faces no serious competition to outmatch iOS.  On the contrary, this is beginning to change as Google is polishing up Android at a lightning speed. The Android of yesteryear isn’t the Marshmallow you enjoy today and with Android N (whatever dessert name they will give it this time) not far away.

Anyone of you owning an iPhone will have to concur with your sober self that Apple’s stock offerings like mail, maps, photos, iCloud just to mention a few are lagging behind compelling third party  alternatives. The Outlooks, the Google Maps, Dropboxes of this universe.

So while we wait for Apple to announce its quarterly revenues, we might be in for a surprise when iPhone sales (Apple’s cash cow)  start to bounce back and take on an off course trajectory.