The iPhone 5C; Will Apple’s rumored low priced plastic iphone strategy buy them more love from emerging markets?


The iphone 5c rumors continue

It has been long since the rumor of a low priced plastic iPhone has been in the tech circles. This phone got revealed in all places including labor watch report, which unfortunately that the rumor of the new iPhone got much attention than the report it’s self. Emerging markets are filled with Android phones, most of which are mid range brand knock offs from China, with trio or quad SIM card support, horrible screen resolution, 2 hour battery life, and the list or irritating specs continues. Well imagine a time we shall have a legit Apple phone that is friendly to both your pockets and eyes.

A friend of mine made an interesting comment recently when he said that he would rather have an iPod touch with a cellular radio than an iPhone 5, so i asked him if he would rather have a slower processor, lower quality camera, a smaller battery and a slightly low quality screen just to give up like a millimeter of thickness. Well, he never seemed bothered and in his defense (which could be right by the way), he said the iPod touch is the best design that Apple has made, assuming the Mac-book air has not been put into the comparison. On top of that the iPod touch is very affordable, so imagine buying an iPhone at a price of an iPod–sounds sweet.

The mini version of the iPhone

The thing that interests me is that Apple has had a strong tradition of making the “last year” model iPhone the low cost version to any new iPhone they launch. One comes to wonder this time round why Apple is making a lower cost model –Are they not able to make the iPhone 5 the low priced iPhone? Are people not able to buy last year’s model any more such that Apple has to make this year’s model with last year’s specs? Or may be Apple has realized that they have to open up and play the game just like every Android OEM and make a mini version of their flagship phone. I personally think that it has a lot to do with the fact that making last year’s model is still too expensive. If this new low lower cost model uses a plastic construction, then that is obviously less expensive  to make than a glass and metal iPhone 4s or iPhone 5.

The design and purpose of this device screams emerging markets

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Okay lets be clear about this rumored iPhone 5C, it doesn’t look anything at all like an iPod touch, for me it looks more less like the soft plastic Lumia devices but with iPhone internals and iOS in it. I would be surprised if they launch this phone in developed countries like the US, i know i might be putting my foot in my mouth here, but hey; a guy has got to speculate once in a while. I suppose they could release it in the US but lets be honest, the design and purpose of this device screams emerging markets, where the sticker shock of a $600 phone just doesn’t fly.

Am just looking forward to the Apple launch presentation of this phone where they will be like  and we just invented democracy guys, here is the new iphone, and every one can have one.