iPhone 5C: a colorful plastic iPhone available priced at over $500 not as cheap as we thought

At last the long awaited iPhone 5C is finally official. After weeks of rumor and supposition,Apple has unleashed  its latest Smartphone today at a special event in US Cupertino.  It looks identical to the leaks and case parts we’ve seen not so long ago, with a plastic back and a variety of colors.

Picking a leaf from HTC and Nokia with Polycarbonate materials

Just like most Nokia Lumias and recent HTC phones, the back and sides of the device are made from a single part of plastic hard coated polycarbonate, with color options for green, white, blue,red, and yellow colors. In an introduction video detailing the design and engineering process for the iPhone 5C, Jony Ivesays the “iPhone 5C is beautiful, unapologetically plastic.” Apple has also created cool $29 custom cases with a soft-feel silicon rubber that slip onto the handset.

Same iPhone 5 Camera, Retina display and A6 processor

Just like last year’s iPhone 5, Apple as opting to fix the same gorgeous 4-inch Retina display in iPhone 5C ,  plus a A6processor. It has the same 8-megapixel rear camera, with better FaceTime HD camera at the front that’s designed for improved video calls and selfies. With LTE now becoming mainstream in Africa, this new iPhone 5C also includes support for “more LTE bands that any other Smartphone in the world,” according to Apple, this means that this is a world phone.

Disappointing pricing

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Although it was not talked about during the keynote, the current rumors put the unsubsidized price of this phone is over $500. We believe this is still to high to penetrate more usage in merging markets. The phone will come in 16GB and 32GB.