iOS8 Update Requires 5-7 GB Free Space. No, We Not Kidding

iphone 6 plus_freespace
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iphone 6 plus_freespace

iOS8 is now out officially, last year we had phone makers like Samsung criticized for having  updates of about 1- 2 GB to download whenever you need to upgrade their phone’s operating systems. iOS users are now preparing to update their iPhones or iPads over the air, but there is a “slight bump” to overcome, as you should have enough free-space in order to enjoy the latest incarnation of iOS. Previous iOS updates have always required about 1GB of free space, a but now several iPhone and iPad users are noticing that iOS 8 requires up to 5.7GB of free space to install. Of course this will depend on the type of iOS device you have as iPads have up to 7GB on some iPad models, this means for those with 8GB iPhone 5Cs or even a 16GB iPhone then you’re likely to run into issues.

So you will need to make a lot of decisions on what to delete from your phone as there’s no easy fix to free up space quickly. Apple’s iTunes client can be used to update a device to overcome the huge space requirement. It should also be noted that the iTunes route will also need free space, but not nearly as much as 5GB required when using the over-the-air upgrade method on the device.